Research Call

Centre for Arthritis and Rheumatic Diseases Call

18th November (for completion of pre-application form. Full applications will be invited from shortlisted applicants thereafter with a closing date of Jan 24th 2020)

Inflammatory Arthritis is a chronic autoimmune disease characterized by synovial inflammation and subsequent destruction of cartilage and done, leading functional disability. A significant proportion of patients have sub-optimal or no response to our current treatments. Thus focused research is needed to better understand the underlying disease processes, specifically at the site of inflammation, the synovium, in order to identify molecular profiles that may predict progression, response and identification of new therapeutic targets. Therefore the focus of this call is to fund research aimed at understanding molecular pathways/mechanisms at the single cell level in synovial tissue,  from well defined cohorts of patients with inflammatory arthritis (RA and PsA), using high-throughput technologies and bioinformatic approaches.   Applications must be translational patient focused research.

Important Dates

18th November 2019 (5pm) Deadline for Submission of Pre-Proposals
24th  January 2020 Deadline for Full Application (is selected)
10th– 28th February 2020 Right to Reply Phase
6th April 2020 HRB Application Deadline (via GEMs)
July 2020 Applicant Notification
November 2020 Research Project Start

CARD Ireland pre-application form

HRCI-HRB2020 Instructions to Applicants

HRCI-HRB2020 Part B1 Application Form

HRCI-HRB2020 Part C1 Collaboration Agreement

HRCI-HRB2020 Part C2 Infrastructure Agreement

HRCI-HRB2020 Part C3 Warrant for International Host Institutions (if relevant)

HRCI-HRB2020 Part D1 Principal Investigator Signature Page

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