Arthritis Awareness – Spreading the Science!

In the latest Inflammation Nation podcast, Prof Gerry Wilson and Prof Ursula Fearon, Arthritis Ireland chairs in rheumatology at UCD and TCD, respectively talk to Gráinne O’Leary about some of the developments taking place in rheumatology research in Ireland and internationally

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TCD Press Release – A fresh look at joint inflammation in rheumatoid arthritis patients

The Molecular Rheumatology Group at the School of Medicine, led by Professor Ursula Fearon is working to better understand the complex cellular and molecular events that occur directly in the affected joints of patients. This urgent research will enable a more directed approach to treating this autoimmune disease. Two recently published papers from the group have presented unique insights into joint inflammation in RA. Please click here for the full article!

TCD Press Release – Dendritic cells in the joint: One size does not fit all for rheumatoid arthritis

Dr Mary Canavan, Research Fellow in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute was the first author in a paper recently published in Frontiers in Immunology which sought to explore the role of dendritic cells in the development of rheumatoid arthritis. Dendritic cells are a key immune cell in the body, and there are many different subtypes – each with its own unique role.

Pregnancy Information for Patients Living with Arthritis

Professor Doug Veale sits down for an in-depth conversation about pregnancy and arthritis with Arthritis Ireland CEO, Grainne O’Leary. Topics discussed include how to prepare for a pregnancy if you have arthritis, information on medications and much more.

Pregnancy and Arthritis – Rheumatology Perspective

Prof. Douglas Veale provides expert advice for women living with inflammatory arthritis who are thinking of having a family. One of the most frequently asked questions is around medications and pregnancy. The advice is that women who are planning a pregnancy, should be as well as they possibly can be in terms of their arthritis. This means that their treatment is continued, at least until they conceive, and then, depending on how well their arthritis is controlled, they may be able to stop their treatment or they may need to continue it to maintain that wellness throughout their pregnancy. However, because of the range of treatments available, it is advisable to discuss these issues as early as possible with the rheumatology team.

Park Run and Arthritis; Harnessing Exercise in Nature to Manage Symptoms and Improve Confidence and Fitness

This seminar discusses a very common condition- arthritis. A global parkrun survey revealed many people are running, walking and volunteering in the parkrun while living with this condition. This video explains what arthritis is, what creates the symptoms and how exercise can really help manage it. Here, myths are busted about running and walking with arthritis, and some tips are given on how to get the best out of participating in an exercise programme (particularly parkrun!) to help this condition.

In Discussion With Professor Ursula Fearon and Dr Megan Hanlon – Medical Update Online

Recent research into the molecular basis for rheumatoid arthritis may be pointing the way to targeted therapy to prevent inflammation and joint damage. IMI interviewed Professor Ursula Fearon and Dr Megan Hanlon from the molecular rheumatology research group at Trinity College, Dublin to find out more.

Unravelling Science Podcast

Unravelling Science Podcast

in 2020 Dr Megan Hanlon started a weekly science communication podcast series called “Unravelling Science” in which she interviews Irish researchers about their research and their life experiences. Catch up on all the latest episodes here:

Tune in to episode 10 to hear from head of the Molecular Rheumatology group – Professor Ursula Fearon!

Episode 10: Prof Ursula Fearon – Arthritis, Inflammation and Translational Research

Megan chats to her supervisor Prof Ursula Fearon about her career in Rheumatology and the extremely translational research her lab conducts, constantly feeding back to the clinicians and patients. We chat about the benefits of studying interactions between cells in the joint and recent work on arthritis in children with Down Syndrome. Ursula also chats about the ups and downs of academia and how being a PI can often be similar to being a therapist.

Tune in to episode 38 to hear from Prof Doug Veale, Consultant Rheumatologist and Director of the EULAR Centre of excellence for arthritis and rheumatic diseases at St Vincent’s University Hospital 

Episode 38: Prof Douglas Veale: Inflammatory Arthritis, Early Diagnosis and Determination

Doug chats about his family history in the medical profession, how he knew he wanted to be a doctor since he was 10 years old, his education at RSCI (both academic and social) and his time as a researcher in the UK. We also talk about his research career in Rheumatoid and Psoriatic Arthritis, seminal work on joint hypoxia and work into early diagnosis and treatment of RA and in trying to identify patients before they get arthritis. We also chat about the benefits of precision medicine and ‘finding the right drug for the right patient at the right time’. As a clinician scientist Doug gives real insight into the impact translational research can have on patients lives.

Prof Ursula Fearon speaking to patients at Arthritis Ireland AGM

Prof Fearon discusses the need for personalised medicine in the treatment of rheumatic diseases.

Dr Charlene Foley speaking about Downs Arthropathy to patients at Arthritis Ireland public lecture

Dr Charlene Foley research is co-funded by Arthritis Ireland and Down Syndrome Ireland