Establishment of CARD

 CARD brings together a multidisciplinary, translational ‘bench-to-bedside-to-community’ programme in St. Vincent’s, Our Lady’s Hospice and Care Service, Harold’s Cross linking with basic science researchers in TCD and UCD.

 We have been caring for patients with arthritis since 1960.  This has resulted in integrated clinical and basic research and engagement with major partners in academia and industry to create an innovative, globally-competitive translational research environment, attracting early stage clinical trials. The excellence of translational research in rheumatology at CARD and across Dublin was recognized by the establishment of a Chair in Molecular Rheumatology at TCD –  Professor Ursula Fearon and a clinical Chair in Rheumatology at UCD – Professor Gerry Wilson, with the support of Arthritis Ireland.

 In 2014, CARD was recognized with a Centre of Excellence award for research and education by the European rheumatology organisation EULAR. Centre status is an important signal to external collaborators, both academic and industrial, and to national and international funding agencies of institutional recognition and support. It brings together clinical and academic researchers with a broad range of expertise in complementary fields and fosters the development of cross-disciplinary translational research. It facilitates our efforts to obtain high level funding in our major thematic areas:

  1. Molecular mechanisms of musculoskeletal diseases,
  2. Patient stratification,
  3. Personalized medicines,
  4. Identification of novel therapeutic targets,
  5. Exercise & lifestyle.

 The establishment of CARD has enabled us to build on the international standing of the group, to gain a national profile attracting the best research staff and has also been an important indicator to funding agencies of institutional support. By integrating basic and clinical researchers, CARD has and will continue to strengthen translational research in musculoskeletal disorders.