National Arthritis Week

Novel technologies and challenging dogma: In conversation with Dr Achilleas Floudas for National Arthritis Week

Dr Floudas focuses on patient-centred translational studies that harness new technologies to answer questions regarding the pathogenesis of rheumatoid and psoriatic arthritis. Rheumatic diseases affect up to 60% of the 120 million EU citizens and costs an estimated €240 billion. But the cost to patient wellbeing is even more severe; joint destruction can lead to disability, higher mortality, and are associated with co-morbidities. We spoke to Dr Floudas about his collaborative work and the frustration felt by patients as they await better treatments for joint inflammation.

World Arthritis Day

It’s World Arthritis Day! To mark this important day, we’ve created this short video to explain the various types of patient centred, translational research that we do in the Rheumatology group in the Trinity Biomedical Sciences Institute.