Sleep, Diet and Exercise: Impact on Inflammation Symposium

Our online symposium “Sleep, diet and exercise: Impact on Inflammation” was a massive success!! Thanks to all of our speakers; Dr. Mary Canavan, Dr. Annie Curtis, Prof Helen Roche, Dr. Fiona Wilson and Dr. Viviana Marzaioli. Excellent presentations were delivered and questions asked by patient participants were real eye openers for us to understand the needs and experiences of individuals with arthritis! Thank you!

Please enjoy the presentations from all the speakers in the below videos!

Inflammatory Arthritis & You Workshop November 2020

The “Inflammatory Arthritis & You” workshop took place virtually on November 18th 2020. The workshop was well attended and included talks from Arthritis Ireland volunteer and patient, Claire Kinneavy, consultant Rheumatologist Prof. Ronan Mullan and research fellow Dr Mary Canavan. Ms Kinneavy gave a personal and inspiring account of her journey living with arthritis and the proactive approaches she has taken to control her disease. Prof Mullan gave a detailed clinical insight into inflammatory arthritis itself and how it can be treated. This generated lots of interest from the attendees who had many questions about different elements of the disease. Finally Dr Canavan spoke about a number of ongoing scientific research projects in the laboratory in Trinity College Dublin all of which are patient focused. The projects outlined involved finding new therapeutic targets for the treatment of IA, in addition to finding approaches to identify patients early before disease develops.

Above: Dr. Mary Canavan. Below: Dr. Ronan Mullan

Patient Understanding of their disease, diagnosis, adherence and impact of research.

Congratulations to Dr. Mary Canavan and Dr. Viviana Marzaioli,  of the Molecular Rheumatology research group, who presented  their patient- focused research poster at the American College of Rheumatology virtual Convergence 2020.  This poster detailed the findings from their study into patients’ understanding of their disease and the role their understanding plays in research studies. This study was a collaborative survey with Arthritis Ireland and the Health Research Board Ireland. 

Inflammatory Arthritis & You

A huge thank you to everyone who attended our “Inflammatory Arthritis & You” workshops on the 29th September and 6th October!  These were online patient -focused workshops held for those living with inflammatory arthritis, in which both patients and researchers gave an insight into different aspects of the disease:  from living with arthritis and breaking down what inflammatory arthritis is to the studies that are currently underway in Trinity College Dublin aiming to understand the mechanisms involved in inflammatory arthritis onset.